AZ Group is company established in 1993. we have run many sectors of business and keep growing till become the significant conglomerate company today. Through the Cambodia economic grow, AZ Group has caught many different sectors of business-like Properties, Construction, Construction Materials, Project Management, Scaffolding Rental, Heavy Equipment Rental... Etc.

  • Our Vision: To expand inbound and outbound of our business with right Partner.
  • Our Mission: To build up Capacities of next Generation and growth of the company
  • Our commitment: bring our Customer and Partner with satisfaction


I am born in one of small city near Phnom Penh city. As we see the growth of Cambodia in the future, we decided to move our business to the Phnom Penh city. We have significantly grown more than 20 years in the country.

We expand business many different areas and have stably growth and bring to our group company to standardize the international level where we can leverage our business globally. More ever, we have selected right time and right partner to drive our business. To strengthen Cambodia capabilities to the market need. We hope near future, we are able to roll out as group leading company.

The global economy is largely expected to grow steadily. However, as we are in country and need to enlarge our business to grow level as Cambodia growth.

Properties, trade and Construction, hospitalities Technology sector is growing remarkably, we need to be able to enhance the ability to look ahead and create new value so as to cope with these changing times.

AZ Group has made steady growth together with stakeholders such as business partners and clients across industries all over the Cambodia and some country, while enhancing its ability to create new value through all alliances and collaboration that transcend industrial and organizational barriers.

We will work hand-in-hand to enrich not only our lives but also others. Through our business, we will strive to make our society more exciting. Our challenges and dreams will not end.
Responding promptly to the needs of a changing society and creating new value is the AZ Group mission. Through our business activities, we will tackle our all Issues.

We will assertively push to make our existing businesses even bigger, and without fear of failure we will fully utilize our Group’s business platforms and embrace digital transformation to create businesses that will serve as new sources of revenue for the next generation. Examining the megatrends, we have identified three growth areas in which we can leverage our Group’s strengths – “technology x innovation,” “healthcare,” and “social infrastructure” – and we will be actively investing our management resources in these areas.

We build the dream for Cambodia. No dream, no success. Aim high, act on our principles and execute.
AZ Group will act as one in unceasing challenges for new value creation to realize our dreams.

We will continue to move forward. Shape the future, staying ahead.

Our Project

Hun Sen road which is big develop by ING holding which part and AZ group has involve in that project.We have brought lots of business partner to work together to build big city there.

That is mixed develop by Japanese, Korean, Chinese Hongkong, Singapore etc.


Our Group Company and Partner

Our Group Company and Partner...


Contact us

  • #58, St 306, Sankat BKK1, Chamkar Morn, PP, Cambodia
  • 023 955 955
  • Info@azgroup.com.kh